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A Poem in Three

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A Poem in Three

by Peggy Schimmelman


Make me your love song

in three-quarter time

conjure me count me

in one-two-three-one-two-three

whisper me whistle me

dance me romance me

woo me infuse me

with rhythm and rhyme.


I’m a Viennese ballroom

a Tennessee dive

I’m denim and crinoline

sawdust and silver

unloose me seduce me

unwrap me undo me

inhale me consume me

I’m whiskey I’m wine.


I’ll Waltz Across Texas

I’m Norwegian Wood

I’m Strauss and Chopin

Jolie Blon Clementine

so wrangle untangle me

Mr. Bojangle me

I’m Amazing Grace

your Sweet Betsy from Pike.


I’m Scarborough Fair

on a Moon River night

Piano man stun me

fiddle-strum-drum me

croon me retune me

twirl and unfurl me

then swing me and sing me

in three-quarter time.



Peggy Schimmelman is the author of the novel Whippoorwills, the novella One Day You’re a Diamond, and the poetry chapbook Crazytown. She is co-author of Long Stories Short, by Livermore’s Wild Vine Writers. Her work has appeared in Sparkle ‘n Blink, WinningWriters.com, NovellaT, Aleola, Pacific Review, Comstock Review, and others. When not writing, she plays percussion and wastes countless hours solving crossword puzzles.

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