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All the Better to Eat You with My Dear

Posted by Wild Musette editor on

All the Better to Eat You with My Dear

by Mary Cresswell


Accessorising with wolves

getting down dark and metaphorical

as the nights grow longer


thinking of yellow eyes

Hollywood bedrooms paved with fur

coyote hybrids on the move


footprints in the snow

(mine, of course, what else did you think?)

white teeth, wet lips pulled back


Padding out of the story

into the forest, reeking of change

fur into fear


nail the pelt on the barn

scrape the hide, ignore the smell

farewell White Fang


wiped from the face

of the earth, paying out bounty

upon bounty upon bounty


returned in disguise

cross-dresser in sheep’s clothing

or a ditsy wee dingo


waiting at the door

looking for all the world

like help is on the way



Mary Cresswell is a science editor turned poet. She is from Los  Angeles and has lived on New Zealand's Kapiti Coast for many years. Canterbury University Press recently published her collection of ghazals and glosas, Fish Stories. Her poems are widely published in New Zealand, the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.


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