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An Imp in my Cello

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An Imp in my Cello

by Mary Vlooswyk


at the edge of my black leather chair

spicy orange maple with marmalade stripes

between my knees

on a cool April morning in 2017

next to my desk that sits by windows overlooking the city

pegs slip


my cello with a swan neck and precisely rounded scroll

has flaccid strings lying on her body

drooping off the fingerboard

my heart sinks

alone to face this curvy, bold instrument

I send Morrigan a quick plea


I sit a moment with this contrary piece of wood

begin to tighten her strings

A string—tuned

D string—tuned

G string—

everything unravels


a test of wills between me

and the discordant imp that has entered the room

I corral my cello between my legs

she brings me to a moment


nothing exists except me and a string


the A string


a vibration

an entrance to musical essence

beads of sweat drip off my forehead

I work to expunge the imp

and as the cello slowly regains taut strings

once again in tune

I realize the cello views me like the imp

a visitor just passing through



Mary Vlooswyk is an Alberta-born emerging artist. She was short-listed in January 2018 for Quattro Books Best New Poet Award. Her poetry placed third in a Canada 150 Contest. Her writing has appeared in Gusts, FreeFall Magazine, Mothers Always Write, The Asahi Shimbun, and Haiku Canada anthologies. She has dabbled in visual arts. Mary is a lover of the outdoors but can be equally moved by music. Travel and music, especially cello, which she studies, often influence her writing and her open mic sessions.


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