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by Hayley Stone


It's only once you're gone that I begin

to appreciate the long tradition of suffering

amongst the gods.


For example:


The greatest of the Norse deities, Odin,

hung himself upon a tree to learn the secrets

of dead men, suffering nine days and nights

of splintering agony—

all payment for the chance to know.


Now imagine what I would have done

to arrive at wisdom safely ahead of you.


...Maybe I could have avoided this.


Then again, maybe not. For all his wisdom

Odin still died.



Hayley Stone is a writer, editor, and poet from California. She is the author of the sci-fi novel Machinations, which was chosen as an Amazon Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of the Year for 2016. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in Fireside Magazine, New Myths Magazine, Star*Line, and various anthologies. When not reading or writing, Hayley studies history, falls in love with video game characters, and analyzes buildings for velociraptor entry points.


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