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Beyond the Cartesian Lens

Posted by Wild Musette editor on

Beyond the Cartesian Lens

by Victor Cypert

Man and doe caught
like a snapshot
two dimensions
in phase:
wolves versus rabbits,
and prey.

The model eloquent,
simple, perfect
whorls about
the invisible
core of being
and non-being.

The Tao reveals
Herself to me,
Shekinah in
the tranquil eye
staring beyond me
—staring back
…..through the scope.

What lowers the rifle,
…..the quest on
can no longer
be called
…..by name.


headshotVictor Cypert is writer of short stories and poetry. His work has appeared in Lamplight and Illumen magazines. He is pursuing an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. He lives in Alabama.




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