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Dance With Me

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Dance With Me

by Marjorie Jensen


inspired by the Joshua Barnhart song at the Presidio Yacht Club


Inside, green lights
float over us—
your strings
my hands
her shoulders
her feet—
spin notes over skin,
through my hair.

Outside, bridge lights
traveled over water—
over boats
over her ocean-soaked feet—
and in through the window
to meet the green-lit notes
to join us on the dance floor.

Waves reflect the bridge lights
and we try to hold
the green-lit notes
in our bodies
like that watery embrace,
to reflect moon-dreamt rhythms
back to the stage.


headshotMarjorie Jensen is an Oakland-based writer, educator, bibliophile, dancer, and witch. She was the editor of Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology, and taught tarot writing workshops at U.C. Berkeley and The Liminal Center. Marjorie studied intersections of magic and writing at Mills College as part of her M.F.A. program, and she currently reviews occult books and tarot decks for Spiral Nature Magazine.



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