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Hood Superheroes

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Hood Superheroes

by Matthew Mutiva

A neighborless neighborhood in a ghetto metropolis
He astral projects in to the hood
to disable all the hostile, combustible elements:
catch them off the rebound before they detonated a school,
debuted in the nick of time to catch stray bullets
out of thin air, and then beam them to the cosmos
zig zag through different dimensions of the city
as gunslingers are hit with an atomic blast
to zap them far away

The roughest, toughest thugs would be petrified
Every time they heard the leaves blow
As an atomic wave smashes through the concrete,
leaving a crater with the imprint of his boot
The Jumpman emblem would appear in the sky
Shading and lighting different corners of the block
The sky would break in half, and out he would appear
all impromptu n shit (CPT) and several halleluiahs would follow

He would mend broken bones and broken homes
Young men would have something to look up to
We would set an alarm for our future
we would walk down the street without the a cappella of gunshots
we wouldn’t have to read your eulogy, pouring out 40 oz of tears
We wouldn’t spend our inheritance getting high off of ignorance
The N-word wouldn’t be romanticized
There wouldn’t be 18 shootings and 4 deaths 20 minutes apart
Gangstas would fade away like Jordan and disappear

Vortexes were opened and wars would be waged
to fight off the influx of violence from the Crips on Krypton,
Gd’s from another neighboring galaxy
were eviscerated into particles by his psionic blast.
Prayers would be answered from the loudest hell
The oath keeper, fighting off anyone on your game console.
Killing off that gang member who never dies
to combat “ratchet-ness” with righteousness
Bullet proof a child’s eyes to shield them from death
Patrolling the streets from A.M. to P.M.
restoring legitimacy and order,
rocking each ambulance to sleep.


headshotMatthew Mutiva is a professional writing major with a creative writing minor at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He is a former Assistant Editor of The Driftless Review literary journal. His poem “Hood Superheroes” won first place in the 2015 Thomas Hickey Creative Writing Awards Contest.


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