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I Want to Dance

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I Want to Dance

by Christine Hillingdon

I want to dance
under the stage lights
on a perfect floor
with red velvet curtains either side
people in the seats out front
the music familiar and loud
every coming beat
fixed firmly in my mind
the choreography
in the body of the leader.
I watch her
follow her
imitate her
in perfect time with the others
in the chorus line.
For we are one
we are connected
the Tribal way
the way women have danced
in the harshness of the deserts
since the dawn of time
I want to dance
like the Bedouins
with the Bedouins
with the music familiar and loud.


headshotChristine Hillingdon was born in England and migrated with her family to Adelaide, South Australia in 1963. In 2011 she self published a book through Peacock Publications about her 27 years working as a psychiatric nurse at Hillcrest Hospital. She is the author of the children’s fiction book THE GIRL FROM FAR AWAY (Gnome On Pig Productions, 2016) and a novel THE MADDEST KIND OF LOVE (Driven Press, 2016).



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