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Skirting Disaster

Posted by Wild Musette editor on

Skirting Disaster

by Gretchen Tessmer


something about us seems damned—

to repeat myself

I’d have to walk half a city block

and then I’d have to scream at traffic


(it’s demeaning and utterly melodramatic)  


all the while 

pedestrian crossings line up so parallel 

so perfect


all meanderings dismissed to other times

in demi-monde places, where grass grows up

between old wheel ruts

dew-dropped mornings with blue violets 

and pink clover  

where wrought iron gates stay locked

and tightly shut

(but, in the end

are simply climbed over)



Gretchen Tessmer is an attorney and writer based in the U.S./Canadian borderlands of Northern New York. She writes both poetry and short fiction. Her work has appeared in Nature, Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and Wild Musette, among many other venues.

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