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The Goat

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The Goat

by Ashley Dioses


The goat evokes the Morning Star’s

Eternal gleaming rays,

For magic travels from afar

To bless and to betray.


His witches dance around the glade

In honor of his day.

The Sabbath calls them all to aid

In greeting a new stray.


The fledgling witch before him bows,

And waits for his black mark.

She signs his book and chants the vows,

And dances in the dark.


The fae around them watch it all;

A Sabbath to behold!

They snicker at the newest thrall,

Yet welcome to the fold.




Ashley Dioses is a writer of dark fiction and poetry from southern California. Her debut collection of dark traditional poetry, Diary of a Sorceress, was released in 2017 from Hippocampus Press. Her poetry has appeared in Weird Fiction Review, Skelos, Weirdbook, Black Wings VI: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, and others. Her poem “Carathis,” published in Spectral Realms 1, appeared in Ellen Datlow’s full recommended Best Horror of the Year Volume Seven list. She has also appeared in the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase 2016 for her poem “Ghoul Mistress.” She is an active member in the HWA and a member of the SFPA.


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