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The Prodigal Daughter

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The Prodigal Daughter

by Mary Cresswell


Let’s go now while the going’s good:
Little Red Riding Hood ran to the wood
ran to visit her granny’s house
ran and tripped into the grey wolf’s mouth
like everyone reckoned she probably would.

She never got wet without making a flood,
whatever she did was crass and lewd,
the boys she brought back were smelly and rude…
Oh, let go now!

She was gone for a bit but she’s back in the hood
true to her family, true to her blood.
The old goats dribbled, the old cows mooed,
the fastidious sneered as they once pooh-poohed
but the party’s begun like we knew it would:
Let’s go now!


headshotMary Cresswell is a science editor turned poet. She is from Los Angeles and has lived on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast for many years. Canterbury University Press recently published her collection of ghazals and glosas, Fish Stories. Her poems are widely published in New Zealand, the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.



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