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Too Many Hipsters

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Too Many Hipsters

by Jenny Blackford and Talie Helene


Everyone wants to hear that opera,
the one that risks the Aesir
thundering down the roof—

The Old Gods Cross-Dressing.
Fat cats seldom give it the nod; a little
too transgressive for our public cash.

Some say that “Mōnandæg
I’ve Got Frīġedæġ On My Mind”
has been covered by too many hipsters.

But what could be more austere than
“Not One Single Frigg Shall Be Given Today,”
“Is That Mjölnir In Your Pocket,

Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?”
and “Freyja Has The Fastest Pussy
(That’s What She Said)”?

In the last act, you can rely on Fenris Wolf
to bring the house down
with a bang.


headshotTalie Helene is a musician and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She writes poetry, fiction, and songs. Talie is horror editor for the anthology The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (Ticonderoga Publications). She was news editor for the Australian Horror Writers’ Association for four years (2006-2010). She is a member of the SuperNova writers’ group. Talie has a background in music journalism—especially extreme genres—and has performed with many artists including The Tenth Stage, Wendy Rule, Saba Persian Orchestra, Maroondah Symphony, and Eden.


headshotJenny Blackford‘s poems and stories have appeared in Australian Poetry Journal, Cosmos, Westerly, and more. In 2013, Pitt Street Poetry published an illustrated pamphlet of her cat poems, The Duties of a Cat. Her most recent poetry prize is first in the Connemara Mussell Festival Poetry Competition 2016.



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