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Where Kelpies Sing

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Where Kelpies Sing

by Rosemary Gemmell


The sea is still today;
no white horses
dancing the waves
foretelling black storms.

Only the empty stares
from a painted carousel
reminding me
life is circular.
We all return
to the quiet earth—
except for you.

You sing and play
in the fathomless ocean
where kelpies breathe life
into drowned lungs.

I watch the turning seasons
beside the silent horses
on their endless ride
through time and space.
Hoping the calm water
will cleanse dark thoughts
to let me glimpse you dancing.


headshotRosemary Gemmell is a historical and contemporary novelist from Scotland. Her short stories, articles and occasional poems have been published in UK magazines, in the US, and online; several stories have won awards. Rosemary has a Post-Graduate Masters in literature and history and is a member of the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and the Scottish Association of Writers.



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