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Frog Porridge
Frog Porridge

Frog Porridge

$14.99 USD

In Frog Porridge you'll find fiddle tunes, a murder gone wrong, sexual politics in finance, a high school alien, a haunted outdoor specialty store, the quest to find a mysterious rock band, lovers falling through multiple lives, and an algorithm for writing your perfect dating profile.

Wild Musette Journal is an anthology of music, mystery, and myth featuring the best in fiction and poetry. The Journal centers around themes of music and dance, but along the way ventures very far afield.

In this issue you'll find work by:

  • Virginia Barrett
  • Tracy Boyd
  • Ira Brooker
  • Con Chapman
  • Terri Clifton
  • Ellen Denton
  • Jeffrey Doka
  • Lisa  Finch
  • Megan E. Freeman
  • Kristie Garner
  • Samson Stormcrow Hayes
  • Shannon Hollinger
  • Andrew Leggett
  • Lisa Lepovetsky
  • Dheepa R. Maturi
  • Jon Mayo
  • Matt McHugh
  • Moosey
  • Drew Norton
  • Michael  Perret
  • Lynne Sargent
  • Lorraine Schein
  • Elizabeth Spencer Spragins
  • Gretchen Tessmer
  • Linda Tucker
  • Linda Tyler
  • Mary Vlooswyk
  • Lynne Weiss
  • Douglas  Weissman

ISBN 978-1-940822-31-0 | softcover
ISBN 978-1-940822-32-7 | ebook

196 pages