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Do you ship outside the United States?

We ship direct within the United States. Customers outside the US can obtain print books through online retailers or by asking for us at your local bookstore. We distribute through Ingram and reach international customers worldwide in this way.

How quickly will my order arrive?

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your print order.

What ebook formats are supported?

We publish ebooks in the industry standard EPUB format. This format is supported by most ebook platforms including Apple iBooks (Mac/iPhone/iPad) and Kobo. For Android devices please download an EPUB reader app. If your e-reader does not support EPUB (e.g Amazon Kindle) then you can easily convert it to your required format using any of the widely-available ebook conversion utilities. We recommend you try Calibre software. It’s free and does a great job of managing your ebook library and all of your devices.

Why don’t you support .MOBI?

MOBI is a proprietary ebook format used by Amazon for its Kindle devices and apps. Amazon did a great job promoting ebooks in the industry’s early days before there was agreement on ebook formats, but now there are open standards (EPUB) for ebooks. We believe strongly in open standards and encourage you to use them. If your device only supports .mobi files you can convert our EPUB files to .mobi files using any of the widely-available ebook conversion utilities.

What DRM do you use?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is anti-piracy technology that scrambles (i.e. encrypts) your digital files so that they can only be accessed by users in possession of a secret key. DRM causes all sorts of problems for users, such as the inability to access files they’ve purchased on other devices, using other accounts, etc. We believe customers are better served without DRM, so we don’t use it.

When does my Wild Musette Journal subscription begin/end?

When you subscribe you’ll immediately have access to the current content/issue. When a new issue is published we send it (or post it for ebook subscribers) to all current subscribers. If you cancel your subscription before we send you the issue you won’t get it. Therefore, we advise customers who need to cancel their subscriptions to wait until they receive the next issue to in order to get the most for their money.

Do you offer refunds for canceled subscriptions?


Do you offer refunds for goods damaged in shipping?

We handle this on a case by case basis. Please be prepared to provide proof of damage by sending us a photo.

How can I submit my writing / artwork to Wild Musette?

We would love to hear from you. Please see our Submissions page.

Can I buy back-issues of the Wild Musette Journal?

Sure. They are available in our online store. Or you can buy them through your favorite online or local bookseller.